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Welding screens & welding curtains

a durable and solid barrier

Ecoshields 1mm and .75mm sheets can be used to replace existing welding screens in mobile frames, hung as a sliding partition or used as a durable and solid barrier where access is not required.

They are also compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3957:2014 test results for our PVC supplied.

Welding screens and welding curtains are available in several standard sizes, or our team can custom make a welding screen to suit your exact requirements.

The screens are available in kit form including a robust galvanised steel frame with castors, or as replacement welding curtain materials.

All four sides of each welding curtain have eyelets for securely tying or lacing the welding screen to the frame.

The eyelets can also be used to hang the welding curtain off the curtain rings, which allows the welding curtain to slide.

If unrestricted access is required, the welding curtains can be attached to a sliding rail, allowing whole panels to be slid either left or right to open large areas.

welding screens


Welding Screen Features

  • Robust galvanised steel frame with castors
  • Available in 1mm and .75mm sheets
  • Use in existing mobile frame
  • Hang as a sliding partition
  • Use as a durable and solid barrier
  • Screens are available in kit form
  • Compliant with Australian Standards
welding screens

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