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Ecoshield Welding and Grinding PVC Strip Curtains

Ecoshields welding and grinding PVC strip curtains are designed to make welding and grinding in the workplace a safer task for both onlookers and the welder.

The PVC strip curtains drastically reduce welding flash and control grinding sparks and swarf making a once dangerous job safe to complete.

Our Ecoweld PVC is extruded with special additives to make the curtains fire retardant and flame resistant.

We can custom manufacture a PVC strip curtain or PVC sheet curtain to suit any application from multiple welding bays to singular mobile units.

The PVC strip curtains are designed to allow forklift and gantry crane access so you are not restricted when moving larger jobs in and out of the work bays.

The PVC curtains do a great job at controlling grinding sparks and drastically reduce the risk of spreading or causing a fire in the workplace.

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  • Welding bays
  • Mobile welding curtains
  • Oil & Gas
  • Trade training centres
  • Mines
  • Industrial workshops
  • Home workshops
  • Engineering workshops
  • Manufacturing workshops

Strip Door Width Size Guide

100mm Personal Traffic Interior pedestrian traffic through small door openings
150mm Personal Traffic Predestine and light hand truck access
200mm Light Industrial Traffic Interior and light wind exterior applications
300mm Medium to Heavy Industrial Traffic Forklift and other Machinery indoors and outdoors.
400mm Heavy Industrial Traffic Extra large doorways heavy machinery. non-pedestrian

Material Thickness

1mm Light traffic strip best used in personal and walk in freezers.
2mm Optimal for pedestrian and light industrial traffic, small to mid-size openings.
3mm This heavy duty strip is best suited for industrial traffic on interior or exterior doors.
4mm The heaviest of our PVC, best for heavy industrial traffic exposed to high winds.
Welding and Grinding PVC Strip Curtains
Welding and Grinding PVC Strip Curtains



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