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PVC Strip Curtains

Designed to create dust and fume free environments

Ecoshields dust and fume control PVC strip curtains have been designed to create a dust and fume free environment in the work place to help isolate and contain airborne contaminates and make a safer and more efficient work place.

The PVC strip curtains come in clear and coloured option to either allow or block out natural/artificial light but still allow maximum visibility, the strip curtains can be custom made to suit any application and come in a wide range of thicknesses and widths depending on the job.

Our PVC strip curtains also do a great job at keeping out the weather and controlling humidity.

We also offer a PVC sheet curtain option with all our clear products.

The PVC sheet curtains are all electromagnetically welded and can be made to any size, whether it be a small doorway to a larger scale industrial divider we have your answer with our quality PVC strip or sheet curtains.


Spray Booths - Chemical Fume Control - Welding Fume Control - Gas Fumes - Manufacturing Clean Zones - Wash Bays - Trade Training Centres - Bird and Insect Control - Rain and Wind - Factory Dividers - Noise Reduction - Dust Control

Strip Door Width Size Guide

100mm Personal Traffic Interior pedestrian traffic through small door openings
150mm Personal Traffic Predestine and light hand truck access
200mm Light Industrial Traffic Interior and light wind exterior applications
300mm Medium to Heavy Industrial Traffic Forklift and other Machinery indoors and outdoors.
400mm Heavy Industrial Traffic Extra large doorways heavy machinery. non-pedestrian

Material Thickness

1mm Light traffic strip best used in personal and walk in freezers.
2mm Optimal for pedestrian and light industrial traffic, small to mid-size openings.
3mm This heavy duty strip is best suited for industrial traffic on interior or exterior doors.
4mm The heaviest of our PVC, best for heavy industrial traffic exposed to high winds.



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