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Ecoshield Mobile Screens for Welding and Grinding

Ecoshields mobile welding and grinding screens are designed to make welding and grinding a safer task for both onlookers and the welder.

Ecoshiled mobile welding screens provide a protective barrier between the welding area and general workplace where workers may be exposed to welding hazards with the advantage of been able to take the screen to any work area inside or outside your factory.

The screens can be custom made to any size and are built to last. Our team will consult with you and design a solution to meet your exact requirements.

With a wide range of curtain materials and fixing systems available, our versatile, mobile solutions will suit your application.

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Ergonomically Designed

Our ergonomically designed 90deg feet allow for a complete enclosure, eliminating any possibility of sparks or harmful radiation been exposed to those working in the surrounding environment.

90deg feet allow for complete enclosure

A Safer, Streamlined and Productive Work Space

Use Mobile Welding bays to:

  • Reduce Welding Flash risk
  • Control Sparks and Splatter
  • Reduce Noise
Grinding Strip Curtains
Welding Strip Curtains



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