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PVC Swing Doors

Designed for industrial and commercial applications.

Our Clear PVC Swing Doors are ideal for many industrial and commercial applications including, Cold Storage, Factories, Kitchens, Food Processing Plants, Transport Terminals, Retail Stores, Supermarkets and Hospitals just to name a few.

Almost noiseless in operation, these Flexible Clear PVC Swinging Doors can be opened with a light push of the hand or trolley and will automatically close after entry.

Being completely clear, they give an unrestricted view of oncoming traffic.

With their dual-swing hinge and capability of servicing an opening up to 3mx3m they have proven to be an asset in many applications such as keeping out drafts, dust and pests, while continuing to provide outstanding results with their safety, hygiene, temperature and acoustic isolation properties.

Our doors will provide a low maintenance, cost effective solution in an industrial traffic situation.

Ideal in applications where the PVC Swing Doors are subjected to heavy duty or medium duty traffic.

Heavy Duty

  • Forklift traffic
  • Trolley access

Medium Duty

  • Foot traffic
  • General access



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